Friday, 3 February 2012

Big day

I got the pdf files of my book today!

I'll be ordering a test print this week end, and impatiently wait for the result!

Meanwhile, I shall be sending a reduced version of the file to ALL contributors to the indiegogo campaign!  Keep giving, the campaign lasts until mid-March! And I'll send the pdf to every new contributor! Once the book is out it, the pdf will be available for free, but contribute and you'll help me promote it AND have a first view! Plus a "perk" of your choice and a chance to win cool stuff.

I'll post more info later on but do keep an eye on this blog, I will be holding a SPECIAL LAUNCH MONTH OF MARCH. Posting one page each day until March 24th.

Also, there will be an ONLINE LAUNCH. You are all invited to join me in a day long chat session to celebrate the release of my first artbook. Virtual champagne for everyone!

More information to follow :)

Support my book project and get a chance to win cool stuff.
On top of the "perks" proposed there will be great prizes to win at the end of the campaign!

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