Friday, 20 February 2015

How to make a beastie

Well this is how I do it.

The filming part is tricky, I need to find out better angles and also learn how to stick it all together properly. I used Adobe Premiere here, all well except I don't know why the image isn't filling the frame when it's horizontal.

The finished piece on my deviantArt gallery:

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Better photo. Beorn

I managed to take a much better photo today, just had enough light for a few minutes, no sun and bright overcast skies. Plus I shot it in raw and calibrated the white balance, which of course is the minimum. Next step buy a colour chart ;)

The original is slightly warmer but I got as close as possible with just guessing, as opposed to having a proper colour chart etc. Now my main problem is to work out at what zoom I am at 50mm on my bridge, to avoid deformation, I don't really know how to work that out yet.

Friday, 23 January 2015

More beasties timelapse

Well eventually I posted the rest of the "challenge" on Facebook, sorry about that.

The other day I finally got around to listen to the BBC radio play of "Good Omens" one of my favourite books ever. The play was good, some parts were a bit rushed, not enough indication of what was happening, but if you knew the story it was ok. and it was very well played, I enjoyed the fact that the actor who played Crowley was sounding a little bit like Alan Rickman who will always be "my" Crowley, it's how I imagined him when I read the book.

And while I was listening I worked on a coloured beastie. At least I am trying one, this will be the underpainting, see if I get anywhere with this


Saturday, 17 January 2015

Day two

Part of the five days of art challenge, here is the second part.
Three drawings from my artbook, published in 2012 (links on the right)

Friday, 16 January 2015

Three for five

I rarely accept challenges on social media, as fun as the are they are also time consuming.

But this one is really great, and rather than posting on Facebook I'll post them here. I am trying to centralise things on my site now and this blog is part of it.

So today I give you three drawing from my very first children book published in 1999, "Edward the Long-Eared Bat (sadly out of print in English now):

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Beastie part two

As promised the second part of the beastie drawing.


And after some pencil shading here is the final piece. Looking for a good home :) as usual, pay what you like plus P&P

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


This took ages to finish, not just the painting but all the experimenting around it. I wanted to work on a surface that doesn't always move. Even stretching paper never worked for me, there are always bubbles and uneven places.

Also I was trying to find a way to present things without the classical glass frame that I hate. So I glued the paper to an MDF board with a wooden frame on the back that prevents it from buckling, It's really lightweight and when I slip it into a custom made frame it shouldn't weight more than a glass frame, possibly less.

Now with paper it's easy to scan even bigger items like this (50 x 70 cm). But in this case, you can't get the surface close enough to the glass:

The colours are all wrong, the darker parts are almost burned. Not good.
So I took a photo, but of course I only have a bridge and no proper lights, so that also doesn't work

 It's better but lost too much contrast ...

The real thing is somewhere in between but not really... OK this will take more testing.

Here you can see the board and construction I used references for the room and for Beorn the pose was kindly reference by my friend Tobias, though I had to give him some hair ...