Wednesday, 19 November 2014

"Car boot sale" / Auction

At the end of the year I usually clear out a lot of stuff. I live in a decent sized flat, but after 23 years of living here (!) I would crumble under things if I didn't clear out some of it regularly. So I normally tackle one room each year and clear out everything that I don't find essential.

It also involves trashing old sketches and paintings that I don't intend to keep. I got a bit scared a while ago when my work place "inherited" the studio of a famous local artist. There were tons and tons of sketch books with practice pages etc. Stuff that I never keep, but now it all has to be inventoried!
Even though I am not quite that famous and no museum would be interested in my old sketches. I would really not want anyone to go through the pain of trashing that much junk the day I will be gone, it's a painful process and very time consuming even without having to sort things.

So this is a sort of give away / auction of stuff I would normally trash but might interest some people.

Let's start with this new painting that I did as an exercise:

Acrylics on plywood board. Size 59 X 42 cm. Of course the signature stamp isn't on the original.

Postage and packaging is 60$ or 50€ (unless you live in Switzerland, then it is 20CHF)

Post a comment or email me at dr4gonlady AT hotmail DOT com with a proposition. I'll run this until next week (26 November). The highest bidder gets it. If the bid is 0.00 it goes for P&P only.

Feel free to share this.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A disclaimer

OK now that this card project is slowly progressing and I am getting a lot of positive feedback let's clarify a few things:

1. At the moment this is only a fan-art project, no commercial use is planned

2. I need to slow down now and do things properly. Mostly track down every single photographer whose images I am using and ask their permission (I am doing it retrospectively for the ones I have already done and gotten negative answers, and deleted all entries and images) It was never meant to be that public, mostly just for myself and a few friends, but such things take a life of their own.

3. I'll adapt this idea to make it more of a fan art project and more fun to be honest.

4. I don't plan to ever print these for sale. Just to give you an idea it would mean A LOT of work. Asking some 56 people for the fees they'll want, calculating printing costs, creating a publishing house (for tax reasons), and probably launch a kickstarter type of campaign. It could also easily turn into a legal nightmare so I actually doubt I'll ever commercialise this. I want it to remain fun.

For now I am very pleased by the feedback I am getting, not just from fans but from almost all of the musicians I've included in this project. This is really encouraging. You never know what might come out of this idea, I'm having fun but as you can see there is a lot of work behind the art. I am spending hours looking for the right photos and trying to get permission to use them, or use creative commons images that come with said permission.

Thanks for your interest and I'll keep you posted.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Onwards and taking shape nicely

Here are the cards for the two previous drawings.

Credit, photo of Nita by Ken Settle and the Fitz image is a combo but mainly based on a photo by Aaron Bell (QuiteLive Magazine)

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

And back to that project

I've been painting and working on another project, I'll blog about this soon and there will be a little WIP post. But I am back at work on my cards (see below)

Next in line is the newcomer to the current band, Nita Strauss. It's so nice to be able to draw some girls in this project, shame there aren't many more. But at least I have all of the Queens. I'm working on the layouts and have modified some of the older cards. More in a later post.

Reference photo by Ken Settle

Drummers are quite a challenge,  drums are intricate but very cool to draw, very interesting graphically. In this instance I was getting into trouble with the face for some reason and I am far from being happy even after starting over many time. It will have to do for now, sorry Brent!

Reference photo by Aaron Bell (and some others for the face)
Brent Fitz has played with Alice Cooper for a little while. He's now part of one of my favourite band the moment, playing for Slash. I am seeing them in three weeks and really looking forward to that!

Thursday, 23 October 2014


The idea is to turn the beasties into a series of paintings, so I've been testing (see previous post) various backgrounds.

This here is yet another type of paper. I am not going to pursue this one as it's very expensive and doesn't do much more except it's sturdy. But I am starting to know where I am going.

I wish I didn't have to get up tomorrow because I want to continue that border. For someone who used to hate acrylics I am starting to get the hang of them. I'd still prefer oils but I need to work in fast mediums, to be more reactive when I have some time to paint.

Sorry about the bad photo.

Meanwhile I am also continuing on the cards, but I have a second painting on the easel as well, got a little side tracked by a contest.

Monday, 20 October 2014


I've been testing surfaces to see which ones will take the kind of abuse I normally put a painting through.

So this is mostly a note to myself but maybe it can help others. I made various acrylic backgrounds on various materials:

Ordinary watercolour paper doesn't resist much. The illustration board (Canson) isn't doing too bad but the colours tend to disappear.

No surprise but the Fabriano canevas for acrylics is steadfast and the colours really shine. I'm not sure about the texture but it's ok.

And lastly a plyboard with Daniel Smith watercolour ground is disconcerting but intriguing. I plan to test that further. I was hoping to find the transparent one but it seems impossible to find anywhere in Europe