Wednesday, 1 February 2012

"No Computer Day"?

I have a bit of a rant today.

I'm wondering if I can introduce a "no computer day" every week. It's bugging me that I'm spending most of my life sitting at a desk and peering at a screen.
I've counted that I spend about 8 to 10 hours a day at the computer that's got to be too much.
About 70-80% of that time is required by work, and since I often work 7 days a week, it's not helping.

I really like to read articles and watch documentaries too when I want to wind down, so I don't want to cut down on that too much.

I usually sketch stuff when I watch documentaries, or the other way around. I can't concentrate as well without some sort of background noise.
Audio books are cool but I usually play them on the computer... ok I can use the iPod for that (Though, I forgot how to do that... ah for crying out loud!).

My point is that all my activities, be it work or hobbies involve the computer in some way. I try to paint as much as I can on paper. And there's of course the jewellery hobby. But then there is the scanning, the putting stuff up online, etc...

Even working out, I like to find good playlists on youtube, I get a bit bored of dancing to the same tunes even though it's often the case. Most sports are out of question because of my bad knee, but I have my work out program with moves I can do.

As I said, one idea is to have a "no computer day", not even looking at emails as once I sit here I don't move away so easily. I wonder if I can do that? Not easy with constantly moving schedules. But feasible.

Invite friends? Mine are always too busy (and so am I, to be honest)
Movies? I'd rather spend my money on other things and it's yet another screen
Concerts? Yes, that. But nothing in view until this Summer.
Damn, this sounds so negative....

OK but what I mean is more around the lines of : is it even possible to work without using a computer nowadays? I really need to find other jobs.

And what about you? Do you have similar problems? What do you do to get away from this hellish machine then?

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