Tuesday 14 February 2012

A little rant

I know this will not please all of my friends but maybe you can take a moment and think about it?

Whenever I see someone ranting about a person who can't spell 100%, I feel the pain of that person. I know how many times they've been told they were to stupid to succeed and have been bullied into illetrism.

It's never laziness, laziness doesn't exist. It's often because a child has started school later in life or changed countries, some have learning disabilities, others had troubled family situations, there's always a reason.

So next time you want to rant about how a person cannot remember this or that rule of spelling, why don't you donate some money to your local alphabetisation association?

I am hoping to find the time this year to make another "charity book" and I hope to donate the money to:

What are you going to do?


  1. Sunila, as a teacher with 20 years experience in the classroom I can honestly say that you are absolutely right.

    As an NLP practitioner I can also say that the vast majority of people can be helped to spell
    with NLP.

    Basically it's a case of
    (1)breaking the chain reaction that happens when someone believes "I can't spell": identify the new belief you want to take its place;see how your life will be different when this change takes place; gaining access to this state


    (2)Developing your fantastic ability to visualise as a strategy for learning to spell.

    You would be a natural.

    1. Thanks for your input Sali.
      I guess that this is why I learned to read as soon as my brain could get around it, around the age of three. I always saw words as shapes and colours and smells. If a word is spelled wrong I can usually tell viscerally but not always logically.

      I still make typos but that's also due to bad eyesight and of course hastiness.