Wednesday 25 July 2012

The eternal question... what is art ?

Some people hate modern art. But I must say I really love it most of the time. I went to see a local exhibition and had great fun. Fascinating ideas. One person had used a magnetic tape (the inside of several cassettes) stuck them together in a big loop and placed several powerful ventilators in the middle of the room. It was absolutely fascinating to watch that huge loop (about 10 meters in diameter) float around in the room.

Most fun was an installation in an other room where the had entwined big reams of coloured paper, building a sort of room in the room with different colours. I don't know if they had done this on purpose but day light flows into this room from windows along the borders of the roof. So it flowed right in the corridor where you could walk around the installation. When you looked at the white walls you had all sorts of reflections and of course shadows had constantly changing colours. We play in there for a while with my mum.

And there are times I realise I do a lot more than just push colours around but I just don't think of it. There was a projection on a floor with a guy making lot of little lines in rhythm on a sheet of paper. It reminded me of how surprised I was when I filmed myself starting one of my "flow of consciousness" drawings.

Sadly I can't post more, the strict policies on youtube made that I got several warnings of copyright breach here. I get it I'm a fierce defender of copyright, but it kind of defeats the purpose of the demonstration if I can't use the sound. It's pretty crappy anyway and I recommend you go buy all of Alice Cooper's albums anyway if you haven't already!

This isn't accelerated, it's as it was. Dark because I usually do this by night with low light.
In the end I used this directly, and integrated it into this:

I have some more recent such clips, but I guess I would have to remove the sound to post.

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