Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I don't usually dream about zombies. In fact last night was a first. Pretty odd storyline too.
It was a strange combination of vampires and zombies (which in my theory of fantasy cannot be...) Some guy who was immortal, and had cloned himself, then had several clones "die". Pieces of the corpses would gather together into a chimaera and walk around in search of more pieces.

Not so original. But the mansion of that guy was a sight to see, if only I could draw it.

Sorry for the lack of art updates. I'm in the middle of the longest "dry spell" I've ever had. In fact I am ready to give up completely and just draw for fun again. I need a day job and the search is taking most of my free time.

For now I am concentrating on my story. And I started thinking about a new book to publish with my parents, a charity project again. But I would need a lot more time,  and this isn't compatible with the above job search.

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