Tuesday 12 June 2012

Time travelling at night

I try not to use elevators in my dreams as you never know where you'll end up. In this case about 30 years before the dreams started. Most annoying when you take an innocent bystander along (a hotel employee) and have to hypnotise them so they won't remember what happened. You use some mana for nothing :)
I knew it would end up like this, and then finding out that we had travelled back 30 years to a day where the event takes places that was at the base of the initial mission. But since you are not allowed to temper with past events, what's the point? I think We were meant to see something that no one had recorded, but sure enough I woke up before seeing it. Much help that.

Initially the mission was to rescue tourists stranded on a distant planet where their spaceship had broken down. There wasn't enough energy to bring everyone back in one go and it was a bit tricky. Mind you there was one lady I would gladly have left there, really annoying. Right, what's on my to do list today?

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