Wednesday 20 August 2014

Loncon 3 has come and gone

So that's done then. It was really worth being a part of a World Convention, my best chance to get seen by people from other continents. Also good to be featured in the big art show program, a booklet of 96 pages, and have my name next to some of the biggest illustrators of this time. It's like a sort of finality, a nice statement, I am small fish next to these but I am there, it's all I could ever dream of when I was younger.

I also had a portfolio review, with Irene Gallo and Greg Manchess. Nothing new there, in all of my endeavours, artistic or otherwise professional I am always going in a thousand of directions and not really getting anywhere precise but that's the way I am and the life I like. It was very satisfying to see that my art has reached a level where professionals will acknowledge it, it's encouraging for the next step. The next "level up" moment. I have a ton of projects so this gave me a good boost.

I had several originals, not framed since that would have been a nightmare to organise

You can see my table in the back there

And prints, as well as my art books

And of course my jewellery. That's what I had been working on since last December, I had some nice remarks and even one Tim Powers fan asking some specific questions, that was nice. I was invited to one panel about Art in Jewellery (bit odd for an illustrator but see above) and that went really well. I had some nice feedback afterwards. My fellow panellists were fabulous, and it was an interesting discussion.

In between sitting by my table and sketching, I had time to meet most of the people I wanted to meet, not all but you really can't see everyone in such a huge place. I finally met Ursula Vernon and her husband Kevin, long time online friends but we had never met before. I spent time with old friends and made some new friends. Among which the fantastically talented Margaret Walty and the lively and fabulous Goldeen Ogawa, my fox and dragon friends have guided me well once again.

Speaking of which, one of the Guests of Honour was Robin Hobb. I missed a lot of her panels, the one I managed to reach almost on time was full so I had to leave again. But I managed to be in the first row during her GoH interview. Jane Johnson is a great interviewer, of course she has known Robin for many years but she knows exactly how to conduct these and entertain everyone.

All in all a great experience. Now to plan the next step, try to prioritise things a bit and move onwards.

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