Tuesday 16 October 2012


And here we go!

You can now pre-order the book! It's a funny little story for small children (or grown ups who like such things) loosely inspired by a poem by the great R. Tagore.
I will email you an English translation of the story should you require one.

It will be 20.- Swiss Francs (16.5€ or 21.5$) and 3.- will go to a local youth centre. Different from the last one. This time it will serve to finance a special trip, they do such trips regularly. The centre accommodates children and young people who have difficulties in their families, they regularly have projects, like building a school in Africa or going to the seaside by cycle. It's a great way to show these kids that life is more than their families.

You can also pay more and all the extra money will go to that centre. For 26 Francs (21.5€ or 28$) I will sign your book and make a small drawing on the first page.

You can pay by Paypal, contact me for details at if you have any questions.

minimum, 20.- Swiss Francs (16.5€ or 21.5$)

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