Monday 17 July 2017

Plein air test

This month James Gurney is proposing a challenge of painting a dead vehicle. So I chose this old loco that I always loved

Not the best easel ever as it was really improvised for lack of time.

I realise that, as expected, I have a problem because of my varifocal glasses. They warp everything completely, when I look at my phone it looks all curved, so this also deformed the drawing.
I can't use my reading glasses to paint here because I won't be able to see the model with them. I tried to stick to basic shapes. But I just realised now that one of the wheels got lost in translation, it was there all the time and then went off on a wander?

But there you go, the old locomotive in a local museum. My friend who lives there was nice enough to lend me her parasol to save me from the sun :) Not something I can fit on my bicycle otherwise... I used watersoluble neocolor crayons.

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