Tuesday 1 December 2015

Long time no post

Sorry about the long silence. But things have been rather busy lately : my Kickstarter campaign took a lot of my online time and it was worth it as it ended up being successful! Then I had to print the items and send them off, just in time to leave for two weeks of a real holiday, my first in two years!

Then I organised some classes and thought about this some more. I've updated my Patreon page to match my current projects. You can find out more there but in short I'll be sharing the work I do for my new book, it will be a long process of creating the characters and writing the story. I will need some support to manage this, moral support will be more than enough, but if you can spare a few dollars for my Patreon page this will also help.

In conjunction I want to do regular Periscope sessions, some in English and some in French. I'll mostly just be drawing live, and if anyone has a question I can answer it directly. It can be about my work, about technique or about advice for yourself if you are a beginner.

I hope to see you there and don't worry, I'll also share my process and drawings here as usual, you'll just see it first on Patreon and maybe some extra bits too.

As the gift season approaches I shall also remind you about my spreadshirt shop :

And there is just enough time to order a print or postcards, or even the notecards that will make nice gift tags. Email me for info and ordering:

And of course all the originals are also for sale (see more on my deviantArt gallery)

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