Wednesday 20 May 2015

Concept sketches

The other day I watched Thor and the first Avengers film. I kind of wanted to see what the hype was all about.
All in all I can't really see the point, there is almost no plot as usual but it's pretty. I simply gave up on films these days they are either bland or way too gritty for me.

But one thing I enjoy is to watch the designs and the backgrounds. Great work in these films I must say. Thinking about it I missed the fact that Odin didn't have his Ravens Hugin and Munin. Of course I went into that mode (you know when you can't sleep all night because your brain is busy?) and figured that the ravens would be able to shape shift from a regular raven into a sort of guard like figure. On my way to a convention I sketched a few ideas in the train. Then turned them into a more finished drawing.

 You can follow these processes early on my Patreon page too, only the WIP's are fore patrons only the rest is all public.

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