Wednesday 19 November 2014

"Car boot sale" / Auction

At the end of the year I usually clear out a lot of stuff. I live in a decent sized flat, but after 23 years of living here (!) I would crumble under things if I didn't clear out some of it regularly. So I normally tackle one room each year and clear out everything that I don't find essential.

It also involves trashing old sketches and paintings that I don't intend to keep. I got a bit scared a while ago when my work place "inherited" the studio of a famous local artist. There were tons and tons of sketch books with practice pages etc. Stuff that I never keep, but now it all has to be inventoried!
Even though I am not quite that famous and no museum would be interested in my old sketches. I would really not want anyone to go through the pain of trashing that much junk the day I will be gone, it's a painful process and very time consuming even without having to sort things.

So this is a sort of give away / auction of stuff I would normally trash but might interest some people.

Let's start with this new painting that I did as an exercise:

Acrylics on plywood board. Size 59 X 42 cm. Of course the signature stamp isn't on the original.

Postage and packaging is 60$ or 50€ (unless you live in Switzerland, then it is 20CHF)

Post a comment or email me at dr4gonlady AT hotmail DOT com with a proposition. I'll run this until next week (26 November). The highest bidder gets it. If the bid is 0.00 it goes for P&P only.

Feel free to share this.

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