Saturday 9 March 2013

New projects

I’ve been very quiet lately. But I’ve had lots to do. Among other things, I have been desperately trying to get my flat back in the shape of a human abode and not a pig stall, that takes an enormous amount of time! A year later I am still far from being there… why do I have so many books for instance? Also I’ve been sending job applications (long story) and that takes a lot of time. 

This has made me realise that my CV is completely outdated. It looks great but doesn’t show my real assets at all. I have a degree in zoology but have never worked in that field. It’s been twenty years this year and I can safely say that this piece of paper belongs in the bin now. The rest of my competences are acquired “in the field” and I have no diplomas or anything to show a potential employer. It really doesn’t look good.

So I’ve been thinking a lot, I decided to go with the flow and study graphic design to become a professional. Of course I can’t go back to school, I can’t afford to quit working and I probably reached the age limit about ten years ago. Even the one year course diploma I’ve seen offered is way too expensive and clashes with my work schedule.

I keep telling my boss, who wants me to do more and more graphic design, that I am not a professional that it’s a real trade, not something you can improvise or make happen in days. And I thought, ok why not go all the way and really study the matter?

I started buying tutorials starting with the InDesign tutorial that covers all basics. Then I’ll move on to Illustrator and whatever else I’ll think is necessary. Parallel to that I am going to enrol at the London Art College for their online courses in graphic design. This looks like a great base in history of design, current trends, and most importantly in typography. It’s supposed to last one year if you are well organised, maybe a bit longer. And of course I’ll be reading all I can find on the subject. etc.

I have dozens of ideas of projects I can make as exercises and build a portfolio. And once I feel I can get to a next level I am going to look for small jobs just to get some practise.

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