Thursday 28 March 2013

Is this the Twilight Zone?

No this isn't about vampires who glow in the dark or whatever.
You know how in my previous post I was telling I need to get organised? I meant this both in time and space.

As often happens when something is on your mind, I’ve been stumbling on a lot of blogs about just this. How to isolate yourself from whatever distractions there are and get to work. .

Writers have it slightly easier as it doesn’t take much space for them to work, well, in theory. When you paint it’s a bit harder but doable. But now I also need a “study” where I can do my graphic designing and I am stuck. 

The first step is to be very precise in my scheduling, of course I always end up doing whatever else, but this first step helps me. As a perfectly introverted and a mildly syneasthetic person I need to draw diagrams, I need to see everything in one place.  If I don’t, I’ll spend all my time trying to remember what I am supposed to do, which is not terribly efficient. I need to know exactly what goes where before I start or I end up doing the headless chicken dance.

The other day a tweet from Tommy Henriksen ( reminded me of a habit that I used to have when I first moved in. Writing thoughts all over the walls had a liberating effect. Now, I don’t really feel like doing this anymore, but it gave me an idea. It’s the “blackboard” thing that sparked it.

OK there still are traces of all the frescoes and graffiti that used to cover my walls here:

 That "Yellow Submarine painting was one of the first things I did when I moved in. 
Meanwhile it's a bit overwhelmed by my "Alice Cooper concert memorabilia"

To be honest it was my mum who started this when this place was her studio. She still does it, writing important thoughts on various bits of paper and sticking them the the walls in her studio.

Anyway my mind still started to race. My main problem is that I don’t have a lot of wall space but I think I can manage one surface. I painted two boards and drew some grids in permanent colours, now I can scribble stuff and erase it as I want. I can see more of these boards in various colours, to scribble ideas and keep track of all my projects and move them about as I need to.

Er, yes there is a bit of a general theme in this flat...
At least there is a cat on my desktop. It's "Tiger" my favourite "online cat"

Two rooms to fit in a studio, an office, and leisure time? Plus space to work out? Plan time for three or fours jobs at a time? And still find time for personal art? Is it possible? Stay tuned!
Meanwhile I am off to “Trolls et Légendes” tomorrow so all this will have to wait.

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