Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I often like to see how other artists work, but I forget that some might want to see how I work too! So here's the WIP of my latest painting. When John Howe announced that December's theme on his forums would be the Hobbit (obviously) I recalled one of the first themes about nine years ago and thought it would indeed be nice to re-visit that book. Plus it's a nice way to get in the mood for the movie. I've seen the movie in the mean time, but this was started before I did.

Of course everything starts with some sketches:

Sketched from a stuffed Eagle

using photos, and some imagination when it comes to dwarves (but that's another story)
The preparatory sketch was turning into a full illustration, I might finish that too

I've been making some textured backgrounds, slapping layers of thin acrylics on sheets of 50 x 70 cm paper, it's fun and it's a good base for various things. Plus it's also useful for digital texturing... but I forgot to scan that one before using it here.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The book is selling really well, after a slower start than last time we've almost sold all. We probably should have printed more, but didn't want to rush things. There will probably be a re-print soon.

Meanwhile I am signing books for people who were really generous. Remember if you give 26.- francs or more I'll dedicate the book for you. Here are some samples:

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ten years

That's what they tell you when you talk about going into any kind of freelance business. It takes at least ten years until you can reap some fruits. Well, right about now it's going to be ten years since I decided to get over the usual excuses and draw. I took some months to reacquaint myself with techniques I had forgotten, and spent the year 2003 drawing , drawing... and never really stopped.

In that time I have published six children books, two of which self-published. And made one art book. Not too bad I'd say. That's some fruits, even though I am not exactly going to leave the day jobs.

As every year when things look to be on the edge of the razor and near a turning point, I feel a little lost as to where to look next. This year has been a bit slow, as if I had burned out the muse with my art book and had to wait for her to re-kindle.

My main project is on hold because I've also finished another book, but I'll be getting to work again, I'm taking my time. Meanwhile I have gathered materials, and might add some more, and I'll finally sent new portfolios to children books editors. I've also sent my entries for Bologna 2013.

And to mark this point I've started to do some of these "draw this again" memes. That is to re-visit an old idea or theme. I personally can't really "see" the progress, it's really hard to judge your own work. But I sure can "feel" it. I feel so much more in charge of the pencils.... still no idea what to do with colours though. But I feel like I am going somewhere.

OK this is a lot older, almost twenty years between these two. But I am going back to my old favourite subject: Dragons in rock bands.