Thursday, 11 August 2016

Big news

As announced in the previous post, I posted a teaser for my story "The Chronicles of Circadia" at midnight on the 1st of August.

You can read it on my Behance page :

And I also posted more information on Boredpanda (with close ups and some of the videos I posted here before) :

At the moment I am busy with other jobs as I was hired at one of my previous jobs. It's good as I can make some money but it will make things slower for my projects just as they were taking off. The plan is to work on a simple book, one that I meant to do for years now, during the tourist season when my other job is taking more time, and go back to Circadia in the Winter.

Of course there will be sketches and other tidbits here as usual. For instance I am trying to post as much as I can for "#smaugust" (look for the tag on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter).

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