Sunday, 26 June 2016

Some changes and new art

This may be a bit long so bear with me. But first here is a new illustration for my story. It's still part of the legend of the creation of Circadia.

"One becomes two. Chaos ensues and entropy enters the equation. The gears of Circadia start ticking"

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About Patreon

After a year trying out Patreon I decided to delete my page. I'll continue to support people there of course. The main reason is that I don't like that you are "captive" of the site, let me sum up a few things that made me decide to stop :

  • time consuming updates which led me to post less on my blog
  • the feeling that people are being "pressured" into paying something, not the case of course but it grated on me
  • having to eventually post "hidden" things, exclusive content etc, I don't like working like this, again no one has to do this but it's kind of the idea
  • getting no results (no Patrons) after a year.

I knew I wasn't going to get a ton of Patrons as I have close to no following at all online, you really need a few thousand followers before something like this works out. But I figured that the platform would still be interesting for the networking... turns out there is no such thing on Patreon, of course you need to bring people there, but I was hoping that the Patreon community would also chime in, turns out there is no such thing and it's not the aim of the creators of the platform. It's ok but not what I hoped for.

I've been thinking about blogging more anyway, so I am making time in my online presence to do so. I prefer to share everything I do here first. As well as on deviantArt and Instagram. So this is what I will do now.

I may open a page on as a small encouragement would always be welcome. And I prefer their idea of simply encouraging artists you like without any extra content, the content is already online where interaction happens?

I hope this makes sense, let me know what you think as well.

About Kickstarter

I recently announced that I would hold a sort of yard sale on Kickstarter and sell some art that I don't see fitting into an exhibition or is simply gathering dust in a drawer. I find it a bit sad when art is gathering dust like this.

But the recent political events have put a damper on this. With all currencies going nuts at the moment. So I will wait for the storm to pass and see what happens. A majority of my followers live in the UK and right now even the low prices I was planning would be too high for them, not the best moment for sales.

Again I hope you understand, I'll get back to this idea later. And meanwhile I will make time for another cool project!


  1. Definitely keep us updated regarding the art sale. You know I'll always support you, and do what I can to get your stuff out there for others to see.

    1. Thank you so much! And I appreciate all your support it helps immensely! <3