Monday, 1 February 2016

Plodding on

For the time being I am updating my Patreon page once a week with little "backstage" views about the making of a book. All the little things that you don't get to see otherwise. These posts are only for patrons, but until I get some (patrons that is) I am keeping the perks very low.

And once a month I will post a summary of these here. I'll try to post about other works too but I can't make any promises. I am also posting little sketches and WIP's to my Instagram page.
My Facebook page has gone AWOL again, I can see it but not post there and of course no one at FB is actually responding to requests.

I had already decided to try and blog a bit more regularly anyway so this is the best incentive.

Here is an example of what you can see on my Patreon:
I have been making maquettes of some of my characters so I can be more consistent and also figure out various lighting and composition possibilities.

A crude cardboard model to work out mechanics, and in the back a clay model for volumes.

A couple of stylised lion heads

And a quick drawing of two characters, the Lion (the first of the immortals) and his father the Lord of Light in one of his incarnations.

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