Monday, 4 January 2016

A gathering of Beasties

I just finished a relatively big drawing (50 x 70 cm) I think I found what I was trying to find for the past two years. The style I wanted for my storybook.

I filmed part of this process, but I forgot that my camera stops filming after 30 minutes, so I only have a couple of clips. But I didn't film it all, it would be a bit boring to watch some 15 hours of scribblings, even speeded up.

I am showing more of the process I'm following for my book, on my Patreon page, all the little things that one doesn't necessarily see and that are part of a long process. I hope that I'll get to a point where the book is nearly ready for a first version, in about a year. I have three other projects that need following up so this will be long winded.

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