Friday, 9 January 2015

Mc Gyver has nothing on me

The other day I discovered how fun it was to make time-lapse movies of my work, and I was wondering how to use my tripod to make better movies.

I didn't want to buy something as I have a very nice tripod and I just needed a system to fix my iPhone on it.... or better, my iPad as it's got more available space.

I had some lates I bought the other day and by chance they had exactly the same profile as the little piece you use to fix the camera to the tripod. All I had to do was saw two pieces of the right length:

perfect fit!

 The iPhone was easiest, all I had to do was hot glue the piece of wood to an old case:

For the iPad, I needed a case, but I also have shed-loads of cardboard, I get a lot of deliveries in cardboard boxes and buy my firewood in cardboard boxes. So a bit of cutting and hot glueing later I had what I needed:



  1. Took me about 30 minutes in all and cost nothing. Well a bit of glue and small bits of wood.