Wednesday 14 January 2015


This took ages to finish, not just the painting but all the experimenting around it. I wanted to work on a surface that doesn't always move. Even stretching paper never worked for me, there are always bubbles and uneven places.

Also I was trying to find a way to present things without the classical glass frame that I hate. So I glued the paper to an MDF board with a wooden frame on the back that prevents it from buckling, It's really lightweight and when I slip it into a custom made frame it shouldn't weight more than a glass frame, possibly less.

Now with paper it's easy to scan even bigger items like this (50 x 70 cm). But in this case, you can't get the surface close enough to the glass:

The colours are all wrong, the darker parts are almost burned. Not good.
So I took a photo, but of course I only have a bridge and no proper lights, so that also doesn't work

 It's better but lost too much contrast ...

The real thing is somewhere in between but not really... OK this will take more testing.

Here you can see the board and construction I used references for the room and for Beorn the pose was kindly reference by my friend Tobias, though I had to give him some hair ...

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