Sunday, 4 January 2015

Back to work

I just spend about three weeks remodelling and rearranging the flat. I now have three work stations plus the small table where I can make my jewellery! I don't work at home any more I live at my workplace!

So I now have the PC in my bedroom where I do all of my painting, I can watch DVDs and other stuff and when I use the web for relaxing I have a standing workstation, so I don't spend so much time sitting down. I have my desk in the other room where things are taking shape to work exclusively on design and computer paintings, with a brand new Macbook and some bits and bobs. And in the empty corner of the same room a small contraption to work on line art and such. Still very much under construction!

I'll put all the energy I was using to look for a job into networking much harder and try to have more freelance work. Expect changes, I hope to build a better website (although that will take time) and put a real newsletter in place. Among other things.

And of course I'll be painting daily as I have quite a few projects under way!

Here's one I'm hoping to colour soon.

 And a little WIP

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