Monday, 1 December 2014


I've just spent two weeks on a "holiday" meaning I could concentrate on my personal projects exclusively. I don't feel like I've progressed that much but I suppose that's normal. I've spent a lot of time preparing my bedroom/studio, so I can paint in bigger formats, and testing mediums that will work out for this project.

I am still not happy about materials. I'm almost glad that this paper (a very expensive cardboard) doesn't work. It feels great when it comes to layering the dozens of layers of acrylics, it doesn't tear or budge. But it eats the colours. In this case it's not too bad, but the whole point of this techniques, is to achieve great depth with a lot of thin glazes. Anyway, here is the first "Beastie" in a series. I hope to achieve a dozen of them at least and possibly exhibit them around here.

I feel like things aren't going fast enough but considering I am working on two other projects, preparing documents for thematic guided tours, plus a side job and job search, it's not really surprising. 

The Winter is always quiet as most of my other jobs are linked with the "nice" season so I take this time to work on my own ideas. Obviously I am not earning any money during these months, so I am slowly getting my shop up and running. I have originals for sale on my site "" prints on deviantArt, my artbook, and a spreadshirt shop for fun articles. I have actually re-opened my Etsy shop, but I think I should move my jewellery to an European based site, like DaWanda. It makes more sense and seems easier for me. Keep an eye on this page or on my site.

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