Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A disclaimer

OK now that this card project is slowly progressing and I am getting a lot of positive feedback let's clarify a few things:

1. At the moment this is only a fan-art project, no commercial use is planned

2. I need to slow down now and do things properly. Mostly track down every single photographer whose images I am using and ask their permission (I am doing it retrospectively for the ones I have already done and gotten negative answers, and deleted all entries and images) It was never meant to be that public, mostly just for myself and a few friends, but such things take a life of their own.

3. I'll adapt this idea to make it more of a fan art project and more fun to be honest.

4. I don't plan to ever print these for sale. Just to give you an idea it would mean A LOT of work. Asking some 56 people for the fees they'll want, calculating printing costs, creating a publishing house (for tax reasons), and probably launch a kickstarter type of campaign. It could also easily turn into a legal nightmare so I actually doubt I'll ever commercialise this. I want it to remain fun.

For now I am very pleased by the feedback I am getting, not just from fans but from almost all of the musicians I've included in this project. This is really encouraging. You never know what might come out of this idea, I'm having fun but as you can see there is a lot of work behind the art. I am spending hours looking for the right photos and trying to get permission to use them, or use creative commons images that come with said permission.

Thanks for your interest and I'll keep you posted.

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