Friday, 3 January 2014


Today I got my copy of the complete "Digger" by Ursula Vernon from Sofawolf Press. That and all the fabulous goodies that went with my pledge on kickstarter. And boy was it worth the wait!

A hot air balloon, just because.

Stickers and pins etc. but I think my favourite part was the "padding" sheets of advice on how to cure your pet with herbal remedies. Now I know how to feed my sugar glider, and how to cure ferrets from all sorts of illnesses. Oh and there is a lot of bubble wrap too...

But seriously, it's been ages since I wanted to get the full adventures of Digger on paper. I really enjoyed reading it online back in the days, but to re-read it like this will make me discover stuff I probably missed. I just hope there is also a remedy for muscle sore in the package because the thing is  damn heavy!

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