Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I should also post some of the stuff I am doing for my graphic design classes. In fact looking back at my portfolio for this year there is nearly nothing in there, can't be everywhere. I've been spending a lot of time with these classes and looking for a side job.
Most of my illustrations this year were fan art or doodles, only a couple of actual illustrations, it's a bit frustrating but better than nothing.

So despite this lack of time I have decided I need a studio outside my flat a place where I go to concentrate on one task only without distraction. Plus I get to spend time with other creative people (my mum and a friend) who also rent the place, and I'll start giving classes again which should at least pay the rent

This week I finally took some time to do more backgrounds. These are my usual 50 x 70 cm sheets of thick paper, and I layer several washes of acrylics on them. It seals the paper nicely and it makes for an inspiring background, sometimes I see something and will bring it forth, sometimes I use it for a more precise idea.

These two have been done with this technique, the Eagle of which you can find the WIP here:

And this:

Served as base for this painting:

Some of the new ones that were ok also to be used digitally (as textures in Photoshop)

 I can see a Dragon in one of them...

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