Friday, 28 September 2012

Looking back for a while

There is one thing I find really practical about having a gallery on deviantArt. I can see what I've been doing during a year. And usually despair at my microscopic productivity. This year has been the worst ever since I started.
Of course I've published my art book, this has kind of burned out my mojo for a while. It was like shooting everything I had even collected in creative ammunition into one project. Plus another book is almost done.

On the other hand I haven't painted a single thing the whole year. Just one black and white drawing. This one:

The rest is sketches and doodles. Some of my work time has gone into writing my first book for pre-teens, not enough though, I must get organised and set schedules for next year, I really believe in this story though I know I am not a writer, but I intend to learn and find a good editor who can help me cut it into shape once I have something I can show.

I have three months left in this year, my favourite months, to finish one book, keep writing the other. And PAINT! Boy do I need to feel paper underneath a brush once again. And I still need to teach myself to paint. I mean really paint not fill in lines with ink and pencils, it still seems like an impossible goal to me. That's probably why I want to try.

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