Friday, 24 August 2012

Hippos and sheep

I had a pretty cool dream this morning. Visiting a city and liking it so much I wanted to stay. It had two parts, one situated on a high hill and the rest at the foot of the hill. With some very nice old ruins down there.

And the old town was really decrepit but so cool for photos (wish I could take the photos with me when I wake up) Some buildings were rusted beyond recognition. And one building that had a supermarket in it, had the weirdest and creepiest sort of "elevator" with platforms going up, but you really had to be careful when you stepped on one as they were super fast. But there was another entrance for people without a death wish :) All very steampunk.

Then I met a shepherd/cowboy. Whose cows and sheep were fighting all the time so he had added hippos to keep the peace... don't ask :P The shepherd was rather cute so I was annoyed when the alarm rang while I was talking to him, but that's probably why I remember all these details.

Come to think of it it's pretty much what the world in my book should look like.

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