Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ongoing project, no working title yet.

I meant to blog about Eastercon, but wasn't too inspired. Although if I had to mention one of these "oh of course that's exactly what I feel like too" moments it would have to be a thing that Cory Doctorow said during his interview.

For him interrupting his work flow with rewrites, kills the flow completely so he explained that he needs to write in one long flow and only then go back for rewrites. I feel exactly the same.

Of course it's a bit harder in drawing, but I am always happiest if I can just let my pen loose on the paper without any conscious thinking. Not always possible as most illustrations require constructing, but it's what I am trying to do. Parts have to be constructed and then I need to let some imagination in.

Going from the above that seems a good writing method for me. And I've returned to work on this idea I mentioned a while ago. It hasn't even got a working title for now.

 I have part of the characters, I need to do some more "world building" and then I am simply going to write non-stop (over several days of course but trying not to retouch things) I'm working on a very rough draft of my story. Aiming at approx 10'000 words but nothing is fixed.
Then the really hard work will start. I've never done this on such a scale. Cutting out chapters, and then reducing everything to 5-6'000 words as it seems the best format for this age group (10-12). Feel free to contradict this, I am really no expert on this, I'm basing this on what I found online and the type of books I used to read at that age.

I am aware that it is hard if not impossible to find a publisher for a first story, that also involves the finished illustrations, but it's what I want and I shall try. If it fails I have several fall back plans ;) I really believe this is a good story, not original (who can really say they've found a totally original idea?) but it will be different. Sure it involves animals and humans living in a Steampunk world, that's been done many times. But why not. I've had this idea now since 2009, after brain storming over this little sketch with a friend. And I've been collecting ideas ever since. It's about time I tried and wrote this down.

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